Best funny Birthday Wishes SMS for Loved Ones

Best funny birthday wishes SMS really makes you happy. A birthday is an important event in every man/woman’s life. On this special occasion, everyone expects love and respect from their loved ones. This is a day on which every person has full excitement. On this special day, we express our feelings to others to tell them how important they are in our lives. We celebrate their birthday party we wish them and also give prayers and best wishes for their incoming next year. This is a way that we can fully realize how important he is in our life. Birthday wishes make the day of the birthday girl and boy so special. Through our cool, bestand funny birthday SMS collection for loved ones, you get vast ideas of funny birthday wishes SMS and wishes.

Best Birthday Wishes SMS and Messages for Loved Ones

Cool birthday SMS/ Messages:

The best funny birthday SMS is a great way to make someone’s birthday so special. The best way to celebrate a birthday is to wish a birthday person as early as possible but is very difficult to get an idea of wishes that fully shows your’s feelings. Our birthday wishes SMS and Messages collection can fully make someone full of pleasure on his/her birthday. Our SMS can help you with how to show your feelings to another person. This SMS collection contains various wishes to make Birthday girl/boy or loved ones happy and let them celebrate their birthday with full energy and joy.

Best Birthday Wishes SMS and Messages for Loved Ones


Birthday Wishes SMS for friends/ siblings:

  1.       Wishing You MY BESTIE

A Day filled with happiness

And a

A year filled with joy

                “HAPPY BIRTHDAY


2.       Life is very small

Enjoy every second

Be Happy always

Don’t lose your confidence

Wishing you a lovely



3. Forget the pain, forgive the ignorance and move towards another

Up-coming new year in your life. Wish you a very special Day.



4.    Sending you Smiles for every moment of a special day

Have a wonderful time & a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY


5. Be Yourself

Invite new challenges

Recall past triumphs

Trust your instructs

Have faith in your abilities

Desire only the best

Affirm your strength

You are got what is taken!


6. Don’t ever changed stay as amazing as you are My friends

                              HEPPY BIRTHDAY!


7. May every glowing candle on your cake transform into a wish that will turn into Reality

                                 HAPY BIRTHDAY!


8.                        HAPPY BERTHDAY!

                             For a shining star

On your special day

You are never

Very far from me

You always stay in my thoughts



birthday sms cool

9.  O, MY SISTER! May you leave your all miser and

become talented like me in your new year of life.. wishing you a very respectful HEPY BIRTHDAY.


10. Yeah, now you get older.

Another year of your life has passed.

Accept it my dear for it’s your birthday.


11. Before the clock strikes twelve let me take the opportunity to let you know that you have grown a year more ‘HBD’.


12. ALAS! One has born on this day and makes all world destructive through his evilness. It’s you my brother it’s your ‘Happy BD’.


13.Happy moment,

Happy thoughts,

Happy dreams,

Happy feelings,



14. Today is the birthday of my crime partner, the evil that tells me how to enjoy life, the curse who makes my life adventure-full ‘HBD’ the monster.


  1. Man of my dreams,

The first love of my life,

The perfect man ever,

The ideal person in the world,

‘HBD’ father”


2. Destiny may have made you my MOM,

But I choose to have you as my best friend too ‘HAPPY BIRTHDEY’ mom.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–3. To my father on his birthday sending a message of kindness and cheer for today and thought-full through the year HEPPY BIRTHDAY.


4. You are

My best friend,

My best advisor,

My best selfie partner,

My best teacher,

My best cooking partner,

‘Happy beirthday’ My mom.


  1. Dad, you are my hero,

My role model,

The man who I always look up to and wish to become ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’.


 birthday sms for parents

  1. No one can love me more than u,

No one can understand me better than u,

No one can inspire me more than u,

No one can hug me tight than u,

‘Happy birthhday’ MOM.


7. All the time I have spent with you is going to be sweet memories for the rest of my life. You are my inspiration ‘HAPPY BIRTTHDAY’ father.


8. I am lucky to have a best friend, a teacher, a magician, a counselor, and a mother rolled in one. I am so much blessed because of you!


——————————————————————————————————————————————————————9. I have always seen you struggling for us, saving us from all the curse of the world, always supporting us in every matter of life. You are my power ‘HAAPPY BIRTHDAY’ my dad.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-10. Wishing you a very ‘HAPY BIRTHDAY’ my sweet mom.

Always keep an eye on me to protect me from the evilness of my surroundings



birthday sms cool

  1. Wishing you a birthday,

That is As sweet as your love,

As bright as your smile,

ALSO   As fun as your spirit,

As wonderful as you are,



  1. My heart for you will never break,

My smile for u will never fade,

My love for u will never end,



3.“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” this day shows our strong bonding with each other. I am waiting for the day on which we become husband and wife my fiance.

——————————————————————————————————————————————————4.Someone has born some year ago on this day,

Who has changed my life,

But who is he?

OH! It’s you my love, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


  1. Today is a perfect day to tell,

That you are nothing less than blood in my veins Wishing you a very warm ‘ HEPPY BIRRTHDAY’


  1. You have always been my strength all difficult moments which I survived was easy for me only because of your company So thanks a lot my dear I wish you a very special birthday


7. I am so glad you come into the world and I am ever make glad you come into my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY


8. To the world, you may be one person but to me, you are the world

                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY









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