Cool Advice SMS and Quotes for Success and Motivation

Cool Advice SMS and Quotes for Success and Motivation can easily raise someone’s spirit to work hard and achieve their goal. The success of our loved ones seems like our success, we feel joy and pride just like the winner. But sometimes some difficulties arrived, which we don’t know how to solve it, Due to this, we became very stressed and depressed. Seems like everything becomes hard and mysterious. We don’t know what to do at that time instructions and help from our elder’s ones can really help us resolve our problems in a good way. Every mysterious thing is looking simple and easy because of good advice. Good guidance is like a treasure that someone gives you free. I think it is the only thing that people provide you with free cost but finding the difference between the good one and bad one counsel can be really a tough challenge but don’t be stressed here we are providing you a collection of Cool Advice SMS and Quotes for Success and Motivation.  This can really motivate you to overcome your life challenges with confidence.

Cool Advice SMS and Quotes for Success and Motivation

 Are Advice by others can be helpful?

The advice can be very helpful. A good counsel resolves your many tangled problems and gives you an idea of how to overcome your problems easily. Old parents, teachers, and elders’ siblings are the great gift of God their guidance and experiences make you ready to face life challenges with full confidence. As there is a saying:

“Parents are the eventual role models for children. Every word, moment, and action has an effect. NO other person or outside force has a greater impact on a child than parents.”

But finding good and effect able instructions can be difficult. So thereby, we are providing you 15 Cool Advice SMS and Quotes for Success and Motivation. Let’s have a view on them.

Cool Advice SMS and Quotes for Success and Motivation



Advice Sms And Quotes

1. Quietness is the finest answer for all Questions


laughing is the finest Response to all Situations


2. Beware of the “words” you have chosen because they only will be forgiven not forgotten


3. Yourself is the only well-wishers of yours becoz no one can give you better advice than yours


4.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself what is wrong with you that you have failed because no one can tell you, your mistake better than you.


5.  As Tyra Banks said:

“Never dull your shine for someone else”

Because no one does what you have to do. You have to do it for yourself.


6. The good advice is like a shining star in the sky if you find it never let it go because it can never be found again, So here I am going to advise you that don’t sacrifice yourself for anyone else.


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Cool Advice SMS and Quotes for Success and Motivation

7. Never make a promise if you can’t fulfill it,

Don’t make a permanent decision in emotions

and never believe someone with full confidence


8.  Living in dreams is like wishing that the soaked ship will again start floating without repairing it

So for the soaked ship or dreams, you have to do efforts otherwise you will remain empty-handed


9. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the important thing is how hard you try. People will surely appreciate you whether you lost or win.


10. If you want to achieve what you never had then you have to prepare yourself to achieve that goal because nothing will be impossible.


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11. Make your life a masterpiece for others, don’t imagine any limits in your dreams, always see yourself as an ideal person that others will follow your example. 


12.  Whatever someone says you have to focus on is just the target you dream of. Avoid the unusual person in your life as it will soon become a rule of life.


13. what seems like the end is often another start of life, Geared up don’t waste your one moment in unusual thoughts and negative feelings. Be positive and find new beginnings.


14. “Eat, Drink and Be Merry ”

is not the real purpose of your birth but your real aim is what you like to do in your life.


15. Spreading happiness surrounds you be the result of your upcoming happiness.

So, when doing something new look towards poor people that are looking towards you.





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