Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers and Wishes for friends

Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers, and Wishes for friends help you to wish your true friend with great prayers. A farewell is a time to say Goodbye to your partners, friends, teachers, and companions. Saying goodbye is very hard but one could make this hard one easier by sending a Best of Luck SMS. This cherishes the depression, sad, and downhearted feelings of that moment.

Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers and Wishes for friends

As Rumi said:

 Goodbyes are for those who Love with their eyes. Because for those who loved with heart and soul there is not such thing as separation.


Emotional Farwell Prayers importance

There’s come many occasions in life where we have to say Goodbye to our loved ones. No doubt that is really difficult for us but we have no choice other than it. So, at that moment, we should see off our companions with a heartfelt and emotional prayer that will overcome all your feelings and sentiments.

Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers and Wishes for friends

Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers, and Wishes for friends is a collection of those prayers, Quotes, and SMS that fully represent your feelings, thoughts, sentiments, and fondness for your friends. Friends are a great part of life with which we spent much time in life and shared our every feeling. Saying Goodbye to a friend is not mean to never meet again but is a symbol of saying that we will join together soon.

Farewell SMS in English

    1. The great vibes have come to an end, you have chosen to have a verdant meadow and with a heavy heart, it is the moment to say Farwell to you.  Best of Luck!


    1. As you decided on a new journey for your future, I wish you a lot of success with some happiness and a very little bit of struggle. Hope this start will make our friendship stronger. Farewell, My Friend!


Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers and Wishes for friends

  1. The farewell may be hard but it is not the end.

The start may be durable but it is not forever

The goodbye is mandatory to connect us again


  1. Goodbye my Companions, Farewell my foes.

My fondness with these, My calmness with those.


    1. Can’t forget those days which I have spent with you. Don’t recognize how these days passed. Every time I spent with you makes me calm, laugh and a little bit embarrassed. Thank you for annoying me.


    1. This goodbye may make far away distances between us but our hearts will be connected. I have a just message to wish you, as you began a new voyage may luck, happiness, and success will be your impressions.


Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers and Wishes for friends

    1. A farewell is not forever, Farewell is not the end. I say goodbye to you with the hope to meet again soon. Have a successful journey, my friend!

Emotional Farewell SMS in English

    1. Your annoying company makes me a different person, from you I understand how to enjoy life. Thank you for making me a lifeful person. Farewell my friend, farewell my Companion.


    1. With tears eyes and a heavy heart, now’s the time to say goodbye to you. I am sure that our friendship will never end but this farewell is just a break from the reunion.


    1. Finding such a pleasant person and a true friend can be difficult for me. You are the only joker in the world that I have chosen my partner. I can’t forget you.


Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers and Wishes for friends

  1. Words are not enough

       Memories are not sufficient

       Pictures are not ample

No one can take your place, no phrase can describe my pain. I’ll miss you a lot.


    1. Have a marvelous journey onward, I pray that you find a true direction in your life ahead that will take you towards your dreams and ambitions.

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  1. Goodbye — without basis it is the most hurtful moment

       Friendship —  without purpose it is the most adorable thing


Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers and Wishes for friends

    1. Friendship is not how many times we helped each other, it is not about what is taken or what is given, It is all about what we value for each other. A true friendship doesn’t break for getting apart but it becomes stronger and more powerful. Farewell, my friend!


  1. The shinny future has the basis of a hard past

I know saying Goodbye is also hard but just remember it will be the basis of the brightest future.


  1. My friends, it’s time to say goodbye to each other. We studied together, played together, had fun together, and exchanged together. Those days will never come back but their memories will always be in our hearts.


Emotional Farewell SMS, Prayers and Wishes for friends

  1. My friend, just remember that saying goodbye is an easy way to express that we will meet. You’ve always annoyed me about how I can leave you, time has just given us a little break to meet again with more success.


    1. Time flies like a bullet train, I don’t know how the time came that I have to say goodbye to you. Now you have your dream destination. Whenever you feel stressed in your life, just think that the Stressed in the backward spelling is desserts, it is just a sweet piece.




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