Funny Eid Mubarak SMS, Wishes, and Prayers in English

Funny Eid Mubarak SMS, Wishes, and Prayers in English help you to make your friends and relatives Eid more special and joyful. Eid is an event of sharing your love, feelings, and emotions with others.Funny Eid Mubarak SMS, Wishes, and Prayers in English

You can celebrate your Eid Mubarak with others in this critical time by sending them an SMS or message full of words that can express your feeling. Here we provide SMS for your help:

Eid Mubarak SMS

1.  Yeah! it’s Eid-ul-Fitar,

Its a day after a year,

Its a day full of cheer,

Now open your wallet,

Take out some eiidii my dear.


2. May on this special day of EID-UL-FITAR,

Girls offer some prayer instead of makeup,

Boys take some shower instead of looking girls,

And you wish me eiid Mubarak instead of asking eiidii.


3. Finally, the day comes, finally, the moment arrives that I am waiting for a long time. Today! My friend is going to take a bath after one year. Happy Eid Mubarak!


4..  Don’t be miser, Don’t be greedy. Come on open your pocket and pick out some money because today is Eid.


5. I am very lucky that Allah bless me again to wish you a

“Healthy, wealthy, Fealthy and Mealthy EID MUBARAK”


6. OOH, it’s eiid.

It times you and I wish each other an “EID MUBARAK”


7. May on this eiid,

Allah blesses us with his a lot and keeps us safe from all.

Have a big “EID MUBARAK”.


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8. Dear Friend,

we can’t hug each other this eiid. but our hearts remain bonded always.

Remember me in our prayers. “EID MUBARAK”



I will give eiiddi to you,

you will give eiiddi to me,

Then,  your eiiddi= mine eiiddi

cancel out the eiiddi of each other.

So, celebrate your eiid without eiidi.



Funny Eid Mubarak SMS, Wishes, and Prayers in English


“your thing is mine and mine is mine”


“your eiddi is mine and my remains mine.



11.                                      ♦♥♦ EIiD MUBARAK♦♥♦

♦◻◼◻◼◻◼KEEP SAFE AND SOUND♦◻◼◻◼◻◼


12. HYE, i am first to wish you a biggest

<<<<<~~~~~~~~~~EIiD MUBARAK~~~~~~~~>>>>>


13.      ⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸Have an eiid Mubarak to all of you⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸


Funny Eid Mubarak SMS, Wishes, and Prayers in English

14.      When eiid comes,

It brings happiness, joy, excitement, and thrill along with it for us.

So, forget everything and make this moment memorable for your whole life.



15. Day of Eiid has come to spread smiles everywhere. let us enjoy every moment.




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