Get Well Soon Islamic Prayers, SMS and wishes in Urdu/English

Get well soon Islamic prayers, SMS, and Wishes in Urdu/English help you increase the spirit of the sick man that he will be recovered soon. This also helps them to motivate

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Get Well Soon Islamic Prayers, SMS and wishes in Urdu/English


Health is the greatest gift given by Allah. First of all, we have to take care of this blessing. Allah doesn’t bless everyone with a healthy life. But sometimes our friends and family members get ill so we can help them by wishing a get well soon prayers. Some people get very disappointed when they get a big disease.  We have to raise their morale by Get well soon SMS and prayers.

Nobody wants to become ill that’s why when they get a serious cure they lose their hearts and become fully hopeless. Their confidence and spirit to fight with their cure can be built by ours get well soon SMS and prayers.

Get well soon Islamic prayers and SMS:

Get well soon Islamic prayers and SMS is the best way of raising someone’s morale. Islam is a true religion. When we say Allah and Prophets Saying in front of a sick man he feels a strange feeling. He is becoming sure that Allah is with him.

As Allah said:

“He is with its people when they need them and he never let his people alone.”

Get Well Soon Islamic Prayers, SMS and wishes in Urdu/English

But there is difficult in getting get well soon Islamic prayers, SMS, and wishes. So here we are providing you a treasure of Get Well Soon Islamic Prayers, SMS, and Wishes in Urdu/English. Let’s have a view of them

GET WELL SOON prayers and SMS in English:

get well soon islamic prayers

  1. All that I pray for you is that you get fast healing and a bright smile and the happiest life ever. May Allah bless your conviction, calmness, and a desire to fight with your illness.


2.  The ailment that you got is not as powerful as you are. I hope that you get a fast recovery in no time. May God heal you soon.


3. Now It is a great time to recall that we all can’t see God but he is here every time and looking at us. So why should we get disappointment he will soon provide you a strong healthy life.



Each time you will be refresh than you have endured the pain during the previous time. God will help you and recover your illness.


5. I pray that Allah will return yourself in your body and cure the disease of which you suffered a lot.  Have a peaceful and healthy future.


6. Sending a message of rapid recovery and fast healing to the one who is the strongest in the world. I wish that you will soon swing in the hand of life. Ameen


7. Worrying about you, Praying about you, thinking about you, feeling lonely without you, missing you very much. Please get recovered soon.


8. “Health is a great blessing of Allah”.

We always need Allah, His mercy, His forgiveness, his pardon, and the safety of his blessing from which he awarded us. May Allah have mercy upon you.


Have more:

9.  I ask the Lord to bless you as I pray for you today and told him that you are suffering a lot. I ask him to guide you and protect you that you go alone in your way. God sees us all the time. He is true and his promises are also true. and when you leave all your affairs to him. He knows what he has to do.


10. Warmest wishes for your speedy healing.

May lord showers all his mercy upon you.

you are as great as nobody in the world

we all prayers to become like you. we all want to see you healthy and bubbling in life again hence by this you bring laughter and joys to our life.


11.“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.”

I know you now become hopeless and spiritless but I texting you to remind you that there is one who can turn the impossible into possible. He is Allah. IF we all together pray from him he will definitely listen to our words. plz, recover soon.


12. AS Prophet (s.a.w) Said:

“There are two blessings which many people do not appreciate: Health and leisure.”

So have faith in ALLAH and don”t be disappointed You will surely fight with your cure.


13. The most remarkable thing during illness is not to be pessimistic, losing heart means you give up. Accept my baskets of prayers and wishes. Allah will always with his peoples.

As there is a saying: ” he gives strength to the weary and power to the weak”


14. no one can even touch your hairs because our wishes and prayers always surround you. so why are you frightening from this disease? BE yourself you can beat your illness. MY good fortune is with you. GET WELL SOON!


15. You are not alone in the battle of sickness. I have covered yourself. My desires and devotions are with you. Not only hoping I am sure you will win this battle.


GET WELL SOON prayers and SMS in Urdu:

Get Well Soon Islamic Prayers, SMS and wishes in Urdu/English

  1. Holy Prophet (S.A.W) ka arshad hai:

” Agar koi shakhz bemar ho jata hai toh Allah auss ki bemari ka badla deta hai’

Meri tumam dua aur khwahish ap kay sath hai kay Allah ap ko jald shaht yab karey. AMEEN!


2.  Meri dua hai kay ap suraj ki roshni mein kilthay howai phul ki tarah sehat hasil karey aur allah ki muhbat mein barhay aur mazbot banay.


3. Mein aumeed karta hoin kay ap mukamal theek ho jai aur yeh bemari ap ka kuch na begar shekhay. Meri tarif say ap ko buhat sari dua aur neik khuwahishat.


4. Subha howi hai apnay puray andaz mein lakin fazoi mein woh khushi nahi hai, parinday rozz marha ki tarah chahk nahi rahay hai tumarai audsi say tumam dunya badal gai hai tumhary begar kuch acha nahi. Meray dost jaldi theek ho ja tera bina mein kuch nahi hoin.


5.  Har bar ap phechli waqt ki  taqleef say taza dam ho rahay hai. Khuda ap ki madad karey aur ap ki bemari ko theek karey.



Get Well Soon Islamic Prayers, SMS and wishes in Urdu/English

6. mein khuda say dua kar raha hoin aussay bata raha hoin kay ap kitni taqleef mein hai. Auss say dua kar raha hoin kay woh ap ki rahnomai karey aur ap ki hafazat karey kay ap anay rastay mein tanha chal rahay hai. Beshak khuda sach hai aur auss kay waday bhi auss ki tarah sachay hai.


7. ” sehat khuda ki buhat bari naimat hai”

humay hemaisha khuda ki rahmat, magfirat aur auss ki ata karda naimatoh ki hafazat ki zaroorat hoti hai. khudah ap kay hal par reham farmaih.


8. bemari kay duran sab say qablay zikar cheez hosla hai. dil harnay ka matlab hai har man jana. Meri dua aur kahwahisoh ki tokri ko qabool karo aur jald theek ho joa.

hazoor (S.A.W) ka irshad hai:

“kay woh thekay howuh ko himat aur kamzoroh ko taqat deta hai.”


9.” Sehat, Jesam, Damag, aur roh ka taluq aik dosray say hai”

mein jenta hoin kay ap na aummed aur be roh ho chukay hai lakin mein ap ko yeh yaad dalnay aya hoin kay aik hai jo namumkin ko mumkin bana shekhta hai woh Allah hai ayai mil kar ap ki sehat kay liyay dua karey.


10. Dunya kay mazboot tarin insan ko tezay say sehat yab honay ka pagham deta hoin. Meri dua hai kay ap jald zindagi ki race mein shmil ho jai. AMEEN!



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