Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings

Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings are very helpful for you. Valentine’s Day happens each year on February 14. Across the world, candy, flowers, and presentation are interchanged between heartthrobs, all in the name of St. Valentine. At this event, love birds convey their fondness with greetings and gifts. This festival honors the forthcoming of spring. The holiday has cradle in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February.

Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings

Though Valentine’s Day has a classical religious beginning, its importance has altered over time. The day off as conventionally performed today has been lambasted for high lighting materialistic use—for being one of many “Hallmark holidays. Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings exchange between two loved ones.

The Trends of Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day is often performed by exchanging handcrafted or store-bought Valentines wishing cards or other signs of love like chocolates and flowers. In many schools, it has become traditional for youthful students to bring in Valentine’s gift to bandy with classmates. convection of the holiday’s rite can differ with the country. Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings are also used to express your love for each other. In fact, it’s an easy way to wish your love in a few minutes.

Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings

The ways to Celebrate Valentine day

Hearts, the colors red and pink, flower-like roses, pictures and sculptures of cupids, and cupids’ bows and arrows indicate the emotion of romance and love on Valentine’s Day. Cupid is usually depicted as a small winged frame with a bow and arrow.


SMS and Wishes In English

Manifest your love with Valentine SMS or Wishes, find a variety of finest Valentine SMS or Wishes and standard messages, wishes, thousand of SMS & Wishes in English & Urdu. celebrate this never lasting love even in this present day, with our vast variety of  Romantic Valentine’s Day SMS and Wishes for WhatsApp. SMS are given for you

  1. Valentine’s is the best and ideal moment for us to relish and love each other.

You’re always my exceptional Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day, My Hubby!”


2. What if there was no choice to be made, but only a few ticks to be lived?

I would still live and enjoy my moments with you. ‘HAPPY VALENTINE DAY’


3. Everything you do enthrall me.

Everything about you surprises me.

But in the end,

Everything you are is a blessing.


Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings

4.You are eccentric,

You are kind-hearted,

You are the finest.

But I am blessed to have you,

Haappy Vallentine’s Daay!


5. Love is a word but everything for me.

Love is a tale but a reality for me.

Only because I found you.

Haappy Valenntine’s Dayy to u.


6. You always grasp my breath off,

When you are not with me,

Happpy Valentiine’s Daay!

And be mine.


7. You always make me joyful,

Our Love always give me appreciation,

And I’m just because of you, Thank you for everything.

Haappy Vallentiine’s Daay!


Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings

8. Haappy Valeentine’s Daay to the woman of my fantasy,

You’re the motivation of my life. Thank you for everything you do for me.


9.  You’re my best soul mate,

My ally in crime,

My strongest confidential mate,

I love you, friend, Haappy Vallentine’s Daay!


10. No worry the honor of the day,

You are the only to which  I can share my joy with. Happpy Valenntinee’s Daay!


More SMS and Wishes

Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings

11.   Sometimes I forget to recall just how much you mean to me,

But Vallentine’s Day is a precise cue of how much I love you.


12. The comfort grin on your lips,

The pale glance of your hands,

And the compact ways in which you make me gleeful,

All matters for me a lot. Happpy Vallentine’s Daay!


13.  Friendship is the most attractive vocable ever innovates,

And I am blessed to have this bond with you. Happpy Vallentine’s daay.


14.  Your friendship gives me the strength to do anything,

I wish this bond always remain with me. Happpy Vaalentine’s daay.


15. My Dear, this year is very precise because I found you, I pledge to make the day best for you.

Haappy Valeentine’s Daay! I love you!


16.  Thank you for your love,

I am pleased for your care,

Thank you for being mine.

Happpy Vaalentine’s Daay!

—————————————————————————————————————————————————  Happy Romantic Valentine Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings


17.  When I wake in the morning my first musing is you,

Whenever I slept in the night I see dreams of you,

My all life is for you.  Haappy Valentiine’s Daay!


18. Haappy Valentiine’s Daay!

Day by day my love for you is increasing,

You are very special for me, Always remains with me.


19. I wish for all the upcoming years, you would always be mine valenntine.

We enjoy each and every moment of our life together.


20. You are my ideal, you are my love, you are my inspiration, and you are my life. My love for you is endless,                      measureless, beyond each limit. Happpy Valeentine’s Daay!


21. For me love means you,

Trust means you,

Strength means you,

and valeentine means you,

Haappy Vallentine’s Daay!

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