Happy Shab e Barat Islamic Dua, SMS, Messages, and Images

“Happy Shab e Barat Islamic Dua, SMS, Messages, and Images” assist you to share your feelings with others. Shab-e-Barat is remarked on the 15th day of the month of Sha’ban that is the eight-month according to the Islamic calendar. This day usually arrives between April and May. It’s also known as “Barat Night”, “Barat e Kandili” or “Cheragah e Barat”. It is observed by Muslims all over the world. All Muslims have great honor for this day.

Happy Shab e Barat Islamic Dua, SMS, Messages, and Images

The Importance of Shab e Barat SMS

Shab e Barat has been celebrated by All Muslims, as this day is connected with the belief that this day, Allah decides the sustenance of all human beings for the whole year, their life and death. They pray all night for the forgiveness of their ancestors. “Happy Shab e Barat Islamic Dua, SMS, Messages, and Images” help you to wish all the Muslim community and give them a good fortune that May Allah decides their destiny well. That’s why this day held very great importance in Islam.

Happy Shab e Barat Islamic Dua, SMS, Messages, and Images


  1. Today is the night of blessing,
    Recall us in your special prayers.
    May Allah bless you with his protection,
    Bunches of wealth, happiness, love, and
    Health whole the year.


2. On this night of great value,
I modestly appeal to you all,
to forgive my all deeds,
which I made intentionally or un-intentionally!.
Recall me in your prayers.


Happy Shab e Barat Islamic Dua, SMS, Messages, and Images

3. Couple to ALLAH. As this line is
Never distract, Always available, Pure association, No blockage.

May on this Subh-e-Baraat, happiness sees your door.


4. This special night is a present of Allah Azzawajal,

so ready yourself and welcome this night of blessing,

Say thanks what he blessed you with,

And pray for your healthy, wealthy upcoming year.
Shab-e-Baraat Mubarak.

5.As Allah blessed His blessings on those who let off others when he is in a position to take redress.
Let off everyone on this blessed and amazing night. Happy “Sshab-e-Barraat”

6. This is the night when the choices of
“life” and “death” are made by Allah.
so let off everyone and makes a prayer for all.
Shahb-e-Baraat Mubarak


Happy Shab e Barat Islamic Dua, SMS, Messages, and Images
7. An amazing night is here,
An actual day of the decision of
Life, death, health, wealth
May Allah permits the incessant blessing to you all.


8. SHAAB-E-BAARAT Mubarak to all my friends and family,

Remember me in your special prayers,

Surely Allah will bless you with is a lot.


9. May on this night,

My life would remain short.

So please forgive me whenever,

You were irritated by me

I kidded you,

Please accept apologies for my all deeds.


10. I hope may Allah writes all happiness, health, prosperity in your chapter of life

For the whole of next imminent year. SHHAB-E-BARRAT Mubarak.

Happy Shab e Barat Islamic Dua, SMS, Messages, and Images


11. Allah said:


For the whole of next imminent year. SHABB-E-BARRAT Mubarak.


12.  Qismat badal jayegi zara dil se dua karo,

Dunya bhi hil jayegi agar dil se dua karo,

Din raat main ik lamha qabooliya ki ghari hai,

Manzil bhi mil jayegi agar dil se dua karo


13. Importance of Shaab-e-Barrat

The period of Shha’ban is a fabulous moon. In this month, Allah perceives the reckoning of His nature.
Because this period befalls between two other significant months, Rajab and Ramadan.


14.  The holy Prophet (S.A.W) said:

“when the 15th night of Shaa’ban come, stirring for qayam, offer nawafil and fast that day”.


Happy Shab e Barat Islamic Dua, SMS, Messages, and Images

15.  Hazrat Ali (R.A) stated,

“O people, consume the evening of 15 Shabaan in prayers and have fasted on the date of 15 Shabaan. On this glorious evening, Allah showers His blessings to the bodies and describes out: “IS THERE ANY WHO Asks Mercy, IS THERE ANY PennilessWHOM I SHOULD Award” till the Fajr time.”


16. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told:

‘On the central night of Shabaan, Allah most high slopes to the deepest paradise and forgives more immorality than the hair of the goats of Banu Kalb.’


17.  “The Holy Prophet (SAW) did not fast in any month more than Shaban.” (Bukhari)

The Shaab-e-Barrat is the holy night in which a Muslim can regret the prior errors and sins with a sign of pure courage and hold mercy from Allah Almighty.

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