Latest Funny and Amusing SMS, Jokes in Urdu/English

Funny and amusing SMS, jokes will make you laugh ver well. Fun is the name of enjoying things. We can also say that enjoyment is another name of the perfect life. But sometimes the troubles and tensions life make miserable that result in a messy and sad life. That doesn’t let us be happy for a moment it looks like we won’t laugh again.

Usually, you can fun with your friends by doing unusual things and with family members by having a Party or Picnic. But only when they are with you. In their absence, only amusing jokes and SMS can make you laugh again. By a funny and amusing SMS from our friends and family member can make us laugh.  In that little second, we forget about our life troubles. happiness makes our life perfect. Laughing too much can increase our life and never let us old. Life is the name of enjoying every moment and second, that includes smiling and laughing each and every second. So never let your any moment waste in crying and becoming sad.

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Why should we need to laugh:

Funny and amusing SMS, Jokes help you chuckle.  Laughing is and will always be the best form of therapy. Life becomes much better chuckling. It is the best way of keeping anxiety and troubles away from us. We will be always way from depression and High blood pressure by laughing every time. Research has proved that howling for 2 min is some as 20 min jog. Laughing is always the best medicine. It is a way that you could get relief from your illness. By remaining happy every time a small thing makes us chuckle loudly. But there is a problem with finding that small thing this may be jokes or funny SMS. But it should be a unique SMS. Here we are providing you a vast collection of funny and amusing SMS that can make everyone laugh at once.


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Funny and amusing SMS/jokes in Urdu:

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1.biwi apnay shohar ka phone check kar rahi thi phone mein aik number “COVID-19” kay naam say safe tha usnay uss No. par call ki toh who biwi ka No. nikla, Uskay  baad shohar khud isolation mein mila.


2.  Ek pathan namaz parh raha tha uss kay paas betha aik adami uss ki tarif kar raha tha: yeh buhat namazi hai yeh 5 waqat ki namaz  parhta hai ramzan kay poray rozay rakhta hai achnak pathan nay namaz chohri aur khanay laga iss ko yeh bhi batao kay hum nay hajj bhi kiya hai


3. Ek pathan bajli kay daftar gaya aur wapda kay minister say poucha: Namastay! yeh bajli kab ayai gi??

minster nay pouch: tumnay namstay koi bola tum muslim nahi ho? pathan nay jawab diya: nahi humnay namstay iss liya bola kay tum par salamti bheijna poray mulk say gadari ho gi.


4. Ek aurat apnay shusral ka haal Ary news ki tarah sunati hai aur mekhay ka haal PTV news ki tarah sunati hai.


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5. teacher: 2 mein say 2 nikal dein toh kitna baqi bachay?

student: teacher sawal smaj nahi aya

teacher: agar tumhray pass do rotiya hay aur dono tum khalo toh kaya bacha?

student: teacher salan.



6. Ami: tum zandagi mein chand bana chatay ho ?

bacha: khushi khushi! jee hai

Ami: toh janta dorr chand hai utni dorr dafa ho jao.


7. Chalo shukar hai 1947 mein whatsapp nahi tha warna log azadi ki jadojahad kay liyay ghar say bahir na niklta ghar behtay hi yeh message kartay: agar azadi chahiyay toh jitna ho sakhta hai autna yeh msg pheloa.


8.  BreakUp par itni taqlif nahi hoti jitni bagar package kay chat karnay kay baad balance khatam honay par hoti hai.


9. aik adami nay aik gin ko azad kar diya. Gin: kaya hukam hai meray aqah? Adami: meray ghar say america tak aik road bana do? Gin: buhat muskil hai meray Akah!. Adami: chalo phir meri biwi ko mera farmdar bana do. Gin: road single bani hai yeh double?


10. bhutto nay kha: qum ghass kay lay gi lakin atom bomb zaroor banai gi

Zara sochiyay jo qum ghass kah kar atom bomb bana shkhti hai woh gadha kha kar kaya kar skhti hai


Funny SMS/jokes in ENGLISH:

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1. So nice is your…….smile

how nice is your……style

nice is your…….voice

very  nice is your……eyes

see………. how nicely I lie


2.  Milk is white

Sun is yellow

Grass is green

Water is blue

But you are red

Because you are my blood in veins. HA HA HA


3.  friends are like lips. they never meet when you say study, read, write but they immediately meet when you say Party, play, movies, picnics, bunk.


4. What a wonder-full word sorry is

If the man says, anger is over

If the doctor says, man is over


5. Have you ever seen water flowing over the moon?

I have seen when I was washing my face.


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6. STUDENT’s brain is like a Bermuda triangle

The information goes in it and then It’s never found again.


7. Don’t break someone heart It has only one

Break its bones it has 206.


8. A: you are attractive

B: you are beautiful

C: you are cute

D: You are delectable

E: you are elegant

F: you are fabulous

G: you are gorgeous

H: you are heavenly

I: I am

J: just

K: kidding


9. once a Man asked a question from a company owner

how you push your employees to come in time?

company Owner answered: I have 50 employees and 49 free parking places. whoever comes late has to pay a parking fee.



1o. Eat always with Butter

Cut always with cutter

If you block my number

you will surely fall in “gutter”

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