New Sweet and Funny Good Morning SMS

New Sweet and Funny Good Morning SMS will make someone sunshine so loveable. Everyone wants to start his/her day by wishing sweet Good morning SMS to their loved one. Good Morning SMS helps them to start their day with all happiness and joy and make them realized how important they are in your life. Morning is the great blessing of God. It is not only sunshine but it is another chance of making your day remarkable.  So by wishing a motivational and funny good morning SMS to others give the second person a spirit to start his/her day with all happiness.

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Good morning SMS importance:

Some child wants to wish a happy good morning to his parents to let them know how important they are in his life.  All couple wants to share their love by Sweet good morning SMS with each other. Every girlfriend wants to wish his boyfriend to have a happy start of the day. SMS is a great way to express your feelings to others. By wishing GOOD MORNING SMS you can make your loved one start their day with full energy.   Through our sweet and funny SMS of good morning, you can share your feelings with your loved one and make their morning so excited. Our SMS will help you represent your feelings to others. Our SMS will also help you to motivate yourself.




Motivational Good Morning SMS :

1. If you can’t fly…….run

If you can’t run…..walk

If you can’t walk….crawl

But keep moving towards Goal…..GOOD MORNING


2. Morning is here to take a good start with the name of God and prayers



3. Although all dreams never come true, but the true legend is one who never stops seeing dreams


———————————————————————————————- —————————————-

4. Mornings are gifts of God

Brand a new day

Brand a new journey

Enjoy it, Embrace it!



5. All pains in a day bend up with night and all happiness in the day began with the morning. So leave your bed and start your day. GOOD MORNING!


6. our dreams and hopes should be like hairs and nails. No matter how many times they get cut but they never stop growing. So never stop seeing dreams.



7. I wish all your pains vanish away with last night and happiness began with this new morning



8. WAKE UP! It’s a new day,

A new hope,

A huge goal to set,

A difficult goal to achieve,

Another chance to make your day happy,



9. Night has been over, Morning has been started, it a new amazing day so, WAKE UP! Leave your bed. Look up yourself and make another wonderful day….  GOOD MORNING


10.GOOD MORNING …….. Set up a goal that makes you jump out of your bed in the morning



11. It is really easy to cry at pain and very simple to laugh at jokes but crying at the joke and laughing at pain shows the real spirit. GOOD MORNING


12. GOOD MORNING…………. Each morning we are  born again what we do today is what matters most

Good morning SMS for loved ones:

1. bed,



railway track,

the bus station,

Anywhere you are sleeping WAKE UP! It’s Morning.


2. I wake up to see you because I know that you are here. So wake up and read my message, start your day with my message “GOOD MORNING”


3. You are my star at night and sun in the morning. WAKE UP to shine me because I am saying “GOOD MORNING”.

——————————————————————————————————————————————morning good smss

4. Flowers are waiting to smile,

Birds are waiting to sing,

Because they are waiting to wish you



5. I wake up to see you, I make up to agree to you, I hug you to make my day my dear, So WAKE UP to make me perfect. Have a blessed Good Morning.


6. My day starts with wishing you

My day ends with wishing you

I can’t imagine my life without wishing you



7. When I wake up and see your message I just love that morning grace and again start waiting for another sunshine.



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