Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Best Wishes, and Prayers in Urdu/English

Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Best Wishes, and Prayers in Urdu/English help you to greet your Muslim community with best wishes and good prayers. Ramadan is a holy month of Islamic. It is the 9th Month according to the Islamic Calendar. Muslims have great honor, respect, and admiration for this Holy month. Indeed, this month has great values and importance in Islam. As Prophet S.A.W said:

When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of heaven are Opened and the gates of hell are closed and the devils are chained

Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Best Wishes, and Prayers in Urdu/English

In this Holy Month, Muslims from the entire world keep fast and held special prayers.

Keeping Fast and Helding prayers

Ramadan is the opportunity for Muslims to seek forgiveness from Allah. Basically, it is the month of forgiveness. Muslims keep fast for the whole month to show humility and sincerity to Allah. Sending wishes and Prayers of Ramadan is the Best part of this Holy month. So here we provide you an amazing way to Wish your friends and send prayers to others.

Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Best Wishes, and Prayers in Urdu/English

You can get a huge collection of Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Best Wishes, and Prayers in Urdu/English. This Ramadan Mubarak SMS and Quotes will help you a lot. So enjoy these SMS here:

Ramadan Mubarak SMS in English

  1. Ramadan has come once again to guide you towards the right path of Knowledge, allow you to do good deeds, and make you repent from your immorality and sins, making you turn your life towards the blessing of Allah! Happy Ramadan.


2. That freshness of Shehri

That happiness of Iftar

That lightness of Sky

That brightness of Star

This is Raamadan, This is Raamadan


3. The precipitation of Allah’s mercy, the decoration of the mosque, the preparation of the prayers, the satisfaction of Muslims…. that is what Ramadan brings with it


Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Best Wishes, and Prayers in Urdu/English

4. Don’t miss any chance to do good deeds, don’t let any Muslim sleep without food, don’t talk harshly with the poor, don’t let any needy leave your home empty-handed. The months of kindness have come, let us spread blessing everywhere. Ramadan Mubarak!


5. Getting up at night for Sehri,

Offering prayers together,

Feeling the same hunger,

Waiting for the Iftari,

How beautiful it is, how equal it is. Thank you Allah for having us Ramadan again.


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6. Making us remember that all humans are equal the Ramaddan has come once again to save us from the torment of hell. May Allah forget all your sins and fulfill all your dua in this Rammadan.


7. May Allah helps us to fast completely and recite the entire Qur’an in this holy month of Ramaddan. I pray that this Ramaadan will bring a big bucket of joy, happiness, and forgiveness for all Muslims.


8. Giving Muslims another chance, this holy month has come again, with many opportunities for God’s forgiveness. Don’t miss this month without seeing your profit. Enjoy all the benefits of Raamadan


Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Best Wishes, and Prayers in Urdu/English

9. Rammadan is not alone, it takes with its kindness, equality, and pardon. May Allah give all Muslims a chance to observe full fasts and understand the real meaning of Rammadan.


10. The month of Blessing and mercy has come, to spread happiness everywhere. There is a strange joy in the air, the birds are seen praying all the time, the table of Muslims is full of joy and blessings. Everyone is busy accumulating Allah’s mercy. Happy Ramaadan!

Ramadan Mubarak SMS in Urdu

Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Best Wishes, and Prayers in Urdu/English


ہرطرف خوشیوں کی بہار آگئ، وہ رحمتوں اوربرکتوں کا مہینہ آگیا۔

مسلمانوں کو عبادت کی راہ پر گامزن کرنے، رمضان آگیا رمضان آگیا۔



حضرت محمد ﷺ نے ارشاد فرمایا

“جب رمضان کا مہینہ شروع ہوتا ہے ، جنت کے دروازے کھول دیئے جاتے ہیں اور جہنم کے دروازے بند کردیئے جاتے ہیں اور شیطانوں کو جکڑا جاتا ہے” 

ہمیں یہ یاد دلانا کہ تمام انسان برابر ہیں رمضان ایک بار پھر ہمیں جہنم کے عذاب سے بچانے کے لئے آیا ہے

13. Woh Shehri kay liayay authna, Woh aibadatoh ka sajhna

Woh Bhook ko bardasht karna, Woh Aftari ka sajhna

Ramaddan phir agaya, apni rehmatay phelanay phir agaya


14. Iss baat ko yaad karwatay kay hum sab aik hai Ramaadan nay humaray darwazoh par phir dastakh di hai. Aye iss Rammadan hum Allah kay Hazoor apni mafi Talab karey aur iss mahinay ki barkatoh say khoob faida authaye.


15. Khuda humay iss Ramaddan yeh tofiq dein kay hum apnay phechlay tumam ganaho say baaz ajay aur neik kaamoh ko apnaye. Ghariboh ka dhook smjhay aur Allah ki Abadatoh mein khud ko masroof kar lay.


16. Meri dua hai kay Allah pak apko iss saal Ramaadan kay tumam rozay rakhnay ki tofiq dein aur hum sab ko aesi hi bar bar Ramadaan ki rehmatoh say nawazay. Meri taraf say tumam alah-e-Muslim ko Ramaadan Mubarak ho.


17. Iss Ramaddan neik kaamoh ko phelaye, kesi Musalman ko bhooka na sonay dein, kesi muflees ko apnay ghar say khali nay janay dein. Har taraf kushiya phelaye aur tumam Musalman kay liaya magfirat ki dua karey.


18. Shehri ki tandhak,

Aftari ki Ronak,

Asman ki Khushi,

Taron ki Chamak,

yeh hai Rammadan, yeh hai Raamadan.

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