Respectful Teacher’s Day SMS, Wishes and Greetings

Respectful Teacher’s Day SMS, Wishes, and Greetings shows the importance of teachers in our life. The teacher has the status of a spiritual parent in society. In Islam, the status of a teacher is considered equal to the level of a parent, because in the world, after the parents. They provide us motivation to face the world with confidence. They teach us how can we make our life happy and how we can spend our life with fun.

happy teacher day

Learn the knowledge of that is why the personality of a teacher is worthy of respect. The world has declared only one day for them but for me, all the days are for teachers. On teacher’s Day, we celebrate our real superheroes day in which we show our love and respect for them by SMS, wishes, and greetings. We gave them gifts and cards that show our honor for them.

The position of teacher’s in Islam:

happy teacher day

If the position of the teacher is described in these words, it would not be wrong at all that “the teacher heats the iron and grinds it, carves the stone and makes it into a diamond”.

In the hadiths of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), the teacher has been given a high position. He said,

“Man has three fathers: father, father-in-law, and teacher.

But there is always a difficulty in getting respectful teachers’ day SMS, Wishes, and Greeting. Below we are giving you a lot of SMS, Wishes, and Greetings for our educational Rock stars.



Teacher’s Day SMS:

happy teacher day

We will always pleased for you

for all your assiduous and struggles

That you have put in, to educate us

You are the most leading and graceful teacher in the world.









May our teachers get all those things for which they wish. HAPPY TEACDAY!



“It is a supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge ”

MAM, you encourage my mind to think, hands to create, and heart to love. THANKYOU!



4. You are not our teacher only but you are our Ideal, philosopher, friend, best supporter, and guide. You make us perfect. Let us see the world from another eye, urges us to work hard. You are the one who rolled all characters in one. Thank you for guiding us.


5. Because of your enlightened counsel and advice, we are now fortified and ready to face our future with much self-assured from all your lessons that are formal or informal that we obtain from you. We are truly admiring your skills, Dear Mam! we are now celebrating your day.


6. The purpose of the teacher is not to make the student his own image but to prepare the student to make his own image. They are our real stars who have disseminated their knowledge to their students. Today we are saluting our real superheroes.


7.  You guided me when I was confused, you help me when I was in trouble, you support me when I need you and also you enlightened me when I was lost. You have modified me,  discover a new person in my body. Thanks for all you did for me


Have Some More:

happy teacher day

8. The one who never gets tired, upset, interferes, gets angry, and angry who always treats us with patience, gentleness, and love, you are the one who has completely changed my life. Will not forget My school hero


9. There will be no words that will not praise you, you have given meaning to my life. I don’t think words will suffice to represent your efforts to urge us to improve everything. I am very grateful to you.


10. The way you educate us, instruct us, teach us, and train us,  makes you the world’s best teacher.


11. The best teacher doesn’t answer you but they make you want to find the answer. Your teaching style makes you the best one in the world. We will never forget your efforts and struggle.


12. There is a saying:

“A good teacher is like a candle that consumes themselves to light the way of others.”

You establish your knowledge in our minds. There is no doubt that you are an educational rock star


13. You are the reason for all envisions in my mind, all dreams for which I work hard to achieve. You are the one who thought me how to set a goal. The purpose of all the good changes in my life. You are continuously changing me from ordinary to extraordinary. THANKYOU! MAM.


14.  Teachers are like parents that educate you without any ulterior motive. They just know that they have to build our futures shiny. THANKYOU for making my future bright.


15. Teaching is the only profession that makes other professions.

That Whys Hazrat Ali (R.A) said:

“If a person teaches me a single word, he has made me his servant for a lifetime”

You don’t only teach me, you have made me and built my future.





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