Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS, Wishes for Husband and Wife

Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS, Wishes for Groom and Bride provides you with a way to give fantastic wishes to your male or female friend, brother, sister, or anyone else at the start of his or her new life. At this point, every girl and boy is very exciting and nervous. They are very tense about their new phase of life. And this is a very important stage in his or her life. At this point, he or she needs a lot of support and courage from their loved ones. They are getting hesitant about starting of new life with their life partner. In this difficult time, you can get along well with them. That’s the duty of the friend to encouraging in every difficulty.

Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS, Wishes for Husband and Wife

The Day of Wedding Anniversary

Wedding is always very important for every bride and groom. This day is full of joys, happiness with a little bit nervous and fear. With every passing second, the fear is increasing but when the moment has arrived everything went well and well. The feelings and memories of this day are always remarkable for the Bride and groom. So on the anniversary day, the husband and wife remember all these feelings. That’s why this day held a lot of excitement and expectation. The wife except for a sweet and romantic Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS from her husband. Similarly, the husband also hopes for a romantic dinner with her lovely Wife.

Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS, Wishes for Husband and Wife

 Wedding Anniversary SMS for Husband and Wife in English provides you with the perfect greet to wish your friend a happy start to a new life. You can wish through funny, full of prayer messages. When a person begins his new life, he has some fear. Starting a new life with a new person is a very difficult task. And he needs the full support of his loved ones. You can give them your full support on this occasion through your wishful SMS which encourages them. Being a good friend it’s your duty to have your full support. Our Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS for husband and Wife will help you to perform your duty. you can get here all types of SMS. Following are the wishes for your help.

Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS, Wishes for Husband and Wife

The Greetings are

messages of wedding and anniversary for your friend are given below

1.On this marked day of your marriage
wishing you pleasure and love
like the ceaseless circle of your wedding ring.


2.As you weld today in love and in the alliance,
I wish you happiness that extends to every quarter of your heart and soul!


3. The first relation that develops between a girl and a boy is of “MARRIAGE“.

I wish this new relation brings a lot of happiness for you “HAPPY WEDDING”.


Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS, Wishes for Husband and Wife

4. My friend your independence is going to finish,

No more late-night sitting,

No more Flirting,

No more wandering,

My best wishes are with you “HAPPY WEDDING”


5. You are both a blessing for each other. Always be sincere and true-hearted.
“Yes, Darling” is always the flawless answer!


6. I can suppose you taking 4, 5 kids, having a 50 kg weight, sitting on a bike

My dear, my best wishes are with you “HAPPY WEDDING”


Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS, Wishes for Husband and Wife

7. You two are so eccentric and dazzling.
Just like the love you measure!
So happy to toast your wedding together with you!


8.You are a marvelous pair,
ideal for each other.
Praying your years together are full of warmth, triumph, and protection.


9.On this most marked occasion,
May you be flaming in untold means,
With belief and love and plenty of aspiration,
And all the things which help you manage!


10. Oh, my dear! I always want to see you riding your wedding horse

finally, that day comes, go and led your life “happy Wedding” 


More SMS

Romantic Happy Wedding Anniversary SMS, Wishes for Husband and Wife

11.Congratulations on the beginning of something fascinating!
Much warmth, health, wealth, and pleasure to you both on this merry moment.


12. To find faithfull love and to ration one imagination is a wonderful.
May you have many blessed years together!


13. 2 hearts, 2 people, 1 love! Enjoy love warmth that knows no end! Congrats!


14. May you always adore the sense of this new bond,
And find in them the bottomless rejoicing two loving birds can share.


15. It’s true, one who tastes the sweetness of marriage

Will never come out of it my dear. I wish you

   “Best of luck and Happy wedding”


16. Here’s to a Lifetime of Happiness and blessing!

Let the pleasure Ever After begin!


17. A wedding day is to be cherished as you start your new life together as a soulmate.
Always stay blessed!


18. Let’s Fulfill the promises that we made on our wedding day… Let’s us Shine together making every moment cheerful and delightful.


19. Thanks for tolerating me, I am blessed with you, that’s why I still say that I love You so much!


20. let us Celebrate the decision we made together, it’s time to recall all the promises we made on our wdding day.

Haappy Annniverasry My Dear!

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