Sad Poetry SMS in 2 lines Urdu/English

Sad poetry SMS will definitely express your bad feelings. Being sad is not good. But some circumferences in life make us unhappy. Actually the people who are full of life and that always remain happy can also become downhearted by the hard riddles of life. Life always gives a tough time, there are different stages of it. Once a stage you feel like a winner and become happy very well. Similarly just another stage you feel like a loser that can’t achieve anything disappointment and sadness will grab you strongly that can make happy people feel depressed. Most of the stages of life are difficult that disappoint us most and life provides ten out only one stage that makes us happy. By becoming unhappy we will like to read sad poetry SMS in 2 lines Urdu/English

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The kinds of sadness:

Sad poetry SMS is used by downhearted peoples. Some people hurt by losing their loved ones. Most people become unhappy by living alone with no one else around him. But the majority of people become downhearted by getting hurt in love. Some students become sad by getting hopeless grades in results or more like this. some people also become sad when their loved ones forget their birthdays. But the point is that when they get hurt what they like to do. They want to listen to sad music, they don’t talk with others, their Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram stories are full of sad poetry. But they don’t know how to get this sad poetry. Our coolSMShub provides you a variety of sad poetry SMSin 2 lines Urdu/English.


Sad SMS in Urdu:

  1. tha buhat mann jin par

woh  buhat be-eman niklay


2.  alfaz jessay bhi ho jiss tarah kay bhi ho

log matlab siraf apni marzi ka nikltay hai


3. ainay mein meinay dekha hai aik shakss

naraz dunya say hai baat khud say bhi nahi karta


4. tha janazay mein shahrik sara shahr

auss kay jo khud tanha mar gaya


5. buhat rah liya iss jesam mein ab aradah yehi hai

khali kar do iss jesam ko waran kar do pura shahr


6. meri audassi ko mera shokh na samjhna

buhat pyar say diya hai tuhfa kesi nay


7. bazz defa khmushi bhut kuch kah deti hai

kan laga kar nahi sahab dil laga kar suniyay


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8. jetna badal shakhta tha, autna badal liya khud ko

ab jiss ko shakayat hai woh zara khud ko badal kar dekh lay


9.  kantay toh phir kantay hai hazoor

humay toh phuloin kay war say dar lagta hai


10. bass itni si baat par naraz hai waqt humsay

kay zamanay kay andaz hum nay na shekhay


11. jo baatein pi gaya mein

wohi baatein kha gein mujhko


12. lota kar har khushi zamanay par

zamanay nay humay kien ka na chohra


13. yeh eid bhi guzari hasbay mamool

kapray beshak nai  magar yaadein wohi purani


14. charha kay nafroutoh ki bhear humko

pouchtay ho “kesy ho”


15. iss say phelay kay be-wafa ho jai

aeh dost kiyon nah hum juda ho jai


Sad Poetry SMS in English:

sad messages

  1. after hanging us in hate

you ask “how are we”


2. talk about strangers the pains that we get was all from ours

and all happiness we get was all from others


3. one day you will miss me

my smile, my words that you take from me


4. I live alone its not my choice

It is a gift that someone gives me


5. My love for you has no boundaries

you are the reason behind everything good in my life


sad sms poetry

6. Saying sorry doesn’t mean there isn’t guilt

and forgiving doesn’t mean the pain is over


7.  I changed myself to agree with others

they changed themselves to give me pain


8. They always hurt me when I need them

when they need me I only love them


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