SMS and Wishes for Someone to Keep Safe from Evil Eyes(Nazar)

SMS and Wishes for Someone to Keep Safe from Evil Eyes(Nazar) are useful for pretending your importance on someone. In today’s world, Everyone is busy making money and respect. In this busy life taking out time and love for our beloved ones is very difficult and almost impossible, Our beloved one’s success seems like our success. So giving prayers to them for their success is like letting them know you are with them at their every difficult moment. Your Wishes and Prayers can motivate themselves to reach their goal.

Prayers For Someone to keep safe from evil eyes

We always want that the people whom we loved, are our blood, are an essential part of life to always keep safe from all evil deeds, harming diseases, and all from the evil spirit(Bala). In today’s world, no one wants other people to become more successful, more respectful of him. if anyone gets more successful the people getting jealous of him and tried to push him back. They do not work hard themselves and do not want others to become more successful. These type of people always become a reason for damaging the happy life of other people.

They never get relief themselves and do not let people led their lives happily. (description of SMS, Wishes for someone to keep safe from evil eyes(Nazar)) As our beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W) SAID


Nazar or evil eye can be such a harmful thing that can ruin your successful future. We always want to see our loved ones protected from these harmful things. This is very common in today’s world.

Importance of SMS of Keep Safe from Evil Eyes.

Importance of This is very important to keep yourselves safe from Evil Eyes. If you wish someone and pray for his/her protection, he or she feels safe and shows gratitude toward you. If you wish for the protection of others that will also wish that as it is a famous quote.


Especially in today’s world where everyone is selfish, your prayer can give support to others, let them know your concern about them. our “SMS, Wishes for someone to keep safe from evil eyes(Nazar)” helps you to give a message of your healthiest wish for him or her. following are the SMS for your help. have a look at them

SMS in English:

SMS and Wishes for Someone to Keep Safe from Evil Eyes(Nazar)

  1. My mind, my heart, my lungs, my kidney

Always pray for your endless success.

keep progress my Camp!

Always pray for your endless success.

2.  May God bless you with all those blessings you want in your life “keep safe. keep sound”


3. Have you ever seen a success finding a person.

I have seen it in my dream only for you “keep progressing”


SMS and Wishes for Someone to Keep Safe from Evil Eyes(Nazar)

4. I appeal to Allah that all evil spirits never find you,

and all success always finds you.

 “I always pray for you.”


5. I pray that I always see you at the top of glorious,

Evil never finds you, My Dear.

 “Always remain successful”



6. May your journey of endless success never STOP,

Have a very successful life.

“Keep smiling”


7. My heart depth always sounds:

“Success always remain your best friend, My dear”


8. I wish that you will be Fortunate,

Want that you will be safe and sound,

Just Want you Healthy and Wealthy,

Keep mine!


9.  Thousand evil eyes can be wiped with only one deep heart prayer,

“I always pray for you, My dear”


10. May you find success,

and success finds you, This relation never ends 🙂


11. I can see you as a very successful person.

Don’t be afraid my prayers are always with you.


12. Whenever you need help, You will find me.

Keep on progress “I am with you”.


SMS and Wishes for Someone to Keep Safe from Evil Eyes(Nazar)

13. I am asking God that the relation between you and success become like a moon and moonlight.

   “Determined yourself on working hard for delicious success”


14. I am always wishing that all the evil eyes in your life go blind. So be relax, I am behind you.

From the Islamic point of view

15. As Allah said I always give the reward of hardworking and if we remember Allah evil never find us (IN SAA ALLAH)


16. Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said

“Reciting Surat AL-IKHLAS, surat AL-FALAQ, surat AN-NAS three times in the morning and three times in the evening protect you from everything”


SMS and Wishes for Someone to Keep Safe from Evil Eyes(Nazar)

17. Among the beauties of Islam is that you “make Dua” for brothers and sisters,

without knowing them and in return angels make a Dua for you.


18.     I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah, from every devil and every beast, and from every evil eye.


19.  Evil eye is worse than black magic,

I appeal to Allah to keep you, me, and everyone safe for this.


20. My wish is that God Keep you Protect from all the things that can be dangerous and bad for you. My prayer is that your future will be full of success.



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