Welcome Back to School SMS, Wishes and Greetings For Students.

Welcome Back to School SMS, Wishes and Greetings for Students encourages students to come to school with full energy and excitement. School is the place where children receive their basic training. A school is a place where children come out of the animal kingdom and enter into the world of humanity. As there is a saying:

“All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think.”

Welcome Back to School SMS, Wishes and Greetings For Students.

The first day of school will never be forgotten. On the last day, the most rememberable thing is the first day of school.

There is a saying:

“The first day of school: The day when the countdown to the last day of the school begins.”

But when the session is over and vacations begin the students become very lazy and at the start of the new session they don’t want to go school, SO their we can raise their morale by the Welcome back to school SMS, wishes and greetings.

Back to school:

Welcome Back to School SMS, Wishes and Greetings For Students.

When the vacations start the child becomes relax and lazy, They don’t study, their considerate is only on playing and enjoying But when the School’s new session is started. their minds are not ready for study, To motivate them and raise the morale we have to wish them Welcome back to school SMS, Wishes, and greetings Here we are giving you new and latest ideas of welcome back to school SMS and wishes.

Welcome back to School SMS:

  1. Welcome back dear students,

time for some splashing fun, happiness,  cheers & jolly times has finished

geared up Its study time, pack up your bag, and be prepared for learning days.


2.Welcome back, students! We are ready to make the world a better place! waiting to see all your smiling faces again! Let’s take our corridors to a new session full of new things to learn, work jointly, and enjoyable.


3. Welcome dear students, hope you are surrounded by people who care a lot about you, that guide you with the aim of helping you reach your potential, and that belief and trust in your skills. Our goal is to help and motivate you on your journey.


Welcome Back to School SMS, Wishes and Greetings For Students.

4. Open your books, set your alarm, prepare your bag, break the fun and happiness ring, and add some rigor and schedule to it, don’t miss school bus time. Bring your smiling faces into the classroom.


5. Check your uniforms, check your stationery, check your shoes and socks as schools reopen. Put a smile on your face and don’t forget to have a lunch box with you.


6.  A large yellow bus  rumbling down the road

Waiting for  someone special for him

caring a load of friends that waiting to meet

don’t let him wait I hope you are ready


7.  Back to school seems so scary but it is a chance of making your laziness into hardworking and become more talented, It’s is also a chance of turning your holidays into fond memories



More SMS and Wishes:

Welcome Back to School SMS, Wishes and Greetings For Students.

8.  Welcome back dear students, may the upcoming study year full of things to learn, goals to achieve, and success to be celebrated. I hope you will get tremendous teachers, fantastic friends, and a joyful year.


9.  The big yellow bus is walking outside the house

Ready to pick up a bundle of students

Some are asleep and some are fresh

taking the friends to school to meet after long days


10. Once again, the sun is shining, with alarm bells ringing

Don’t want to wake up on time but its school new day

New bag, New uniform, New books, New class fellows

New friends, New class, and absolutely a new teacher


11. what a play, the time has played with us before vacations we are in one now in two. The time has arrived to ask that stupid Questions from teachers because schools are open again. Pick up your bag and go for school, teachers are waiting to answer you


12.  Roaring, grasping, Wondering, thundering, thinking, funny, and doing awkward things. Geared up it’s time to meet old school friends and let the fun and joy began.


13. the awkward moment: Going to school

the happiest moment: Meeting the friends

The worst moment: Suprise test

And the very exciting moment: Absence of a teacher

These funny and joyful moments now begin. Good luck with your next learning year.

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14. Playing all the time, Watching T.V, Playing video games, and lying all the time on the bed without any tension & wonder. this all is finished Now all the time study and only study. Best of luck with your upcoming new session.


15. Not getting well, Felling pain in the stomach, having fever, and cough. The time for this awkward excuses has arrived because Schools are open now.


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I Love school because its the path to my future.


I know I can speak for my colleagues, Assistant Superintendents Nancy Gordon and Brad Bauman, when I say how fortunate I feel to be a part of the Delta School District community. It is my greatest pleasure to be able to engage collaboratively in dialogue with parents, teachers and students about the future of education for all our students.


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